Sunday, 8 March 2015

Disappearing four patch

Yvette and finished quilt.

Yvette had made a disappearing four patch quilt and demonstrated the technique to the retreaters. This is the second one I have seen in as many months and will be very handy for the U3A. Jackie had bought an incompletely finished kit and the technique came at just the right time for her to complete her quilt top. Most of the embroideries had been done and Kathy completed the rest for her - beautifully.
1.Four 5" squares (cut from a layer cake) sewn into a four patch.

Cut 1.25 inches on both sides of the seams, vertical and
Jackie's blocks
Now set together

Reverse the side cut pieces and a new pattern emerges so
now sew them together again.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

  • Today I have laid out quilt as you go blocks and setting squares and written a finishing to do list which seems rather daunting: draft and cut and quilt corner squares, join all the blocks together stopping to hand sew the joins on the back, then cut and sandwich the borders and add. After that the binding, labelling and adding a sleeve won't be too bad. Meanwhile another quilt is sandwiched and awaiting quilting but I find machine quilting hard work and yet another quilt top is awaiting sandwiching, again with the thought of quilting it. Oh woe! I do use a longarmer from time to time but can't quite get over the idea this is somehow cheating apart from the expense. Oh to have the the US tradition of sending quilts out for quilting or engaging the help of a group of friends with the clearest of consciences. I do like to have hand quilting on the go too but can't keep up with my output. I like to piece.
  • Corner HST's not done done yet

    I laid the prepped applique pieces out loosely on the setting triangles. Now each
    set has gone into its own little bag labelled
     Top left corner, bottom middle etc
    so when I've attached them to the triangles I'll know where they are to go.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Winding Up

I'm home now and have uploaded some more retreat pictures rather belatedly.Monday was very busy catching up with the U3A then lunch and an afternoon's sewing with the Usual Suspects. All week has been sorting out the bags and the rather tiresome task of prepping dragon fly appliques  for the setting square of my Bonnie's quilt. Just when I thought I had finished I had three more to do. Photos anon. Once done I shall have some reasonably mindless hand sewing to do in front of the TV and on holiday later this month. What's not to like about sitting on a balcony in Madeira surrounded by greenery, bright skies, sea and ships and hand sewing and listening to a story on my Ipod.

Yvette's on point quilt

Julie's completed top which was
started in a Edyta Sitar workshop in

Yvette's bright quilt using a tricky block

Pat's bright quilt following a Paula Doyle block of the month design

Carrie's using a lovely colour scheme

Yvette's using the split 9-Patch technique

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Now Saturday

Star with fussy cut centre

Framed stack and whackery four patches

Whenever I come to a stop in my bout of projects I set out a few novelty squares to make up 12" blocks. It's fun and very moreish.
The first thing I did was working on the Drunkards Path blocks from Carolyn Forsters' workshop. I shall add a border when I get home and once quilted it will be for Linus. In the evening I made some 6" centres for Star blocks. I'm not yet sure how this Shell quilt is going to go.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Still Friday

Later on Friday I framed some my stack and whackery squares and made some more novelty blocks, my stash boosted by Jackie's multifarious purchases. We did a bit of a swap. I have yet to upload the photos so here is some work by others.
Julie's House and flowers quilt in the making.


Detail from centre of Mandy's quilt

Heather's crosses under construction

Mandy's Christmas project

Complicated blocks from Yvette

Liz's before adding borders

Kathy's using wovens

Colette's, recipient unknown

Friday, 27 February 2015

Day's work

9" four patches
My work
All the pieces

8" four patches

Today I've been working on some stack and whackery squares from a Philip Jacobs fabric depicting shells.Sadly I absentmindedly used the fabrics I intended to combine it with on something else so I am making do.

Views from the Retreat

Heather's zigzag batik quilt longarmed by Mandy Parks

Colette's Christmas quilt
Detail of block from Pat's quilt

Detail of Heather's quilt with gold binding spark
Flower detail from Julie's quilt
Pat's quilt, a Debbie Caffrey mystery pattern

Julie's version of Irish Chain with appliqued flowers

Thursday, 26 February 2015

A bit of a slog

Top done; started in a workshop with Maggie Kingston.
Having sewn seven of my half hexagon rows I thought I was on target to finish the top by lunchtime (1 O'clock). At noon I still thought I woud but it was five by the time I finished. I seemed to have to do a lot correcting and unpicking but the finished result minus top and bottom borders (fabric for these at home) is distinctly pleasing
Wednesday evening

. Just don't look at the back! After the hassle it was relaxing to sew a few 12" blocks from novelties cut into 2",3",4" and 6" squares.After sewing ones of the same size together I'm now coming up with combinations.
Finally I worked some stack and whackery four patches using shell patterned fabric by Philip Jacobs.
Philip Jacobs fabric

Four patches

12" blocks

2",3" and 6"squares to make a 12" block

And one with 3" and 6" squares.