Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Joseph's Coat

My handsewn project continues to grow. I was a bit concerned that some of my 9" blocks weren't entirely suitable but spaces were allocated so I've made 3 fresh blocks, all 8-pointed stars.
I love the grey fabric in this my favourite of the three.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fame at Last

Very unexpectedly I won three rosettes at Sandown - Traditional Patchwork, Sampler Quilt and Judge's Merit. I hope I wasn't the only contender but as I am not able to attend because of the sprained back (very much better now, though) I shall never know and intend to smugly gloat. I like to put traditional/bed quilts in shows because that is what I want to see and I like to take pictures of them hanging up. Friend Belinda kindly sent me these:
Blue Dragonflies quilt, a Bonny Quilters afternoon project.

Detail - my first and last feathered star.

Poppy Quilt for Judi

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Workshop Day

The day of my in-house workshop day dawned at and alleluia I felt better than I have done since the back sprain happened. At last I am returning to normal. So I was able to demonstrate the cutting and pinning and display the quilts just fine and go and visit people as they worked as long as I had a chair to land on. It helped that Petham Village Hall was so well lit and new and that dear friend Judi was the hostess. She made me a lovely lunch and helped with the cutting across the full width.  Her sister Joy and friend Ingrid transported stuff to and from her car. In turn the students, a lovely class, helped each other through the cutting stages and went on to make some lovely blocks though not all of them are here.
We thought these looked like Moorish tiles - Victoria's.


Betty's - very prolific as I did her cutting for her!

Margaret's butterflies - exquisite

A detail

Another block



A mirror image

Joyce's lovely fabric had a lot of variety so the blocks can be coloured
quite differently

Anddeen's ery effective fabric creates swirls.




Pam's tutti frutti

And again


Judi's - very tasteful

Cilla's - stripes make for an interesting effect

Friday, 10 June 2016

Joseph's Coat

My first sewn section

Well over a decade ago I started hand piecing blocks in multiples of 1.5" yielding sizes of 3",4.5",6",7.5" and 9". Over time I have amassed a basketful of these. Later I machine pieced a whole batch of Farmer's Wife blocks though I don't think I will need to draw on them hardly for my quilt. I initially worked out a quilt size, then the total area in square inches, then the area of each size of block and kept totalling these up as I went along. Anyway Now I no longer have a divan bed but a bedstead I've amended the width to 51 sqs by 54, a size of 76.5 by 81" so I'll have some blocks  leftover at the end.
I made a plan dividing the top into blocks and made my first section.. Then I decided that was too regimented and I wanted the different size blocks to dovetail more so I started again dropping nine patches across the surface, then 7.5s and 6s and finally filling in with the two smaller sizes and single squares. It will involve a lot of partial piecing but hand piecing makes that easier. I'll make out a section, sew that, join it and them move to the next choosing the blocks from my piles as I go. It will be fun.
Plann A

Plan B which I am following

Basket of blocks

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Long time no blog posts

My time in Berlin ended with a back injury which in turn affected my left leg so I have been lying low for a bit. Last weekend was the Oast Quilters' Show but I couldn't walk well enough even to see my own two quilts hanging up and photograph them and there were so many beautiful ones that I didn't get to admire. Great that friends Maggie and Tracy won rosettes for machine quilting and visitors' choice second place. respectively.
Today has been a good day - largely pain free and it was the bi-monthly sewing and lunch get together for 11 quilters so I enjoyed good food and good company plus the lovely work of my friends. Also Judi had bought three splendid Amish quilts she had purchased at a Pennsylvanian "mud sale". I hand sewed and will share in a future post.

Judi's appliqued and embroidered purchase

A Young Man's Fancy quilt, very classic but modern and
clean cut too. Owned by Judi.

Young Man's Fancy block

Valerie's batik Dresden Plates beautifully quilted by Maggie.

Joy's work in progress  - will be stunning

Becky has been crocheting - only
took three weeks.

Judy O's  quilt top started in a Carolyn Forster workshop
and pieced by hand

Laid out

Detail - I love the soft country look of this quilt with fabrics dating over many

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Bauhaus and Babylon

Building designed by Walter Gropius

Examples of Bauhaus weavings

On Monday we walked through the diplomatic quarter to the Bauhaus archive museum, Berlin being the last resting place of the Bauhaus school after Weimar and Dessau.I didn't have my camera with me but I really enjoyed the exhibits. The precursor of my kitchen chairs was on display. Most directly relevant to patchwork were the weavings, one in particular I liked  but it doesn't seem to be featured in the book I bought.
Yesterday we visited the Pergamon in the throes of massive building works (like so much of Berlin. Here the blue version of the Coca Cola tiles appeared on the Ishtar Gate built by Nebuchadnezzar.
Detail of Babylonian gate

Sunday, 15 May 2016

On my travels

Detail of tiles on Coca Cola building

I am in Berlin at the the moment, house exchanging and getting a taste of city life. This morning we walked along to look at a remaining section of the dividing wall by the river and remembered a long ago holiday in the Harz just in the West and seeing the watchtowers. always with two not a single occupant, and hearing the guard dogs barking.  The old communal gas pipes wend their way along some of the former East side streets where we are staying but corporations are erecting smart newedifices by the river. Two offered a smidgen of patchwork inspiration.
Before I left I prepped wadding before having a quilt long armed by spraying, steaming and hanging on the line to disperse creases from tight packaging. It worked too.
Wadding on line
The very day before leaving it was the U3A Open Day and I was delighted to see two quilts including the blocks I taught last autumn term.
Grace's quilt

and Georgie's